Keep Control



Optimum security

Enhance your image without risking criminal liability. If your Category 3 PPE is lost, stolen or non-compliant, it remains your responsibility. Our solution enables you to monitor compliance effectively, in line with the increased resources you need to commit to health and safety at work.

With KEEP CONTROL, discard any non-compliant equipment as soon as it is detected, to optimize your company's PPE management.

You can monitor the equipment allocated to employees in real time. If equipment is missing at the end of a mission, you immediately identify what's missing. Our solution remotely manages the allocation and flow of equipment from your stocks and users. You control in real time who has what, when and where.

KEEP CONTROL guarantees seamless PPE security and tracking, effectively protecting your company and its employees. If an event occurs during use, you report the problem immediately. You implement a replacement solution to ensure that 100% of the equipment and materials used are compliant and calibrated.


Our solution in figures

Time saving


Increased efficiency and reliability

Significantly improve the performance of your teams and guarantee full compliance of your equipment. Thanks to our advanced solution, you’ll experience a considerable reduction – up to three times less time invested– in the meticulous monitoring of your equipment. This efficiency is made possible by software specifically designed to meet your needs and problems. KEEP CONTROL helps you optimize the management and tracking of PPE and regulated equipment:

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Cost savings

Achieve substantial savings by regularly maintaining and checking your equipment. Effective management can reduce your investment in personal protective equipment and other materials by over 20%. Here’s how to optimize your company’s PPE management without compromising safety:

Take a hard hat, for example :

With KEEP CONTROL’s PPE management software, every helmet is tracked from the moment it is purchased, including the storage period and the date it is put into service. This precise approach ensures optimum use of each piece of equipment, in line with manufacturers’ recommendations. It’s a method that extends the lifespan of your equipment and opens the way to substantial savings, tailored to your consumption habits.