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Understanding Regulation in France

Workplace safety is a major concern for businesses. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a crucial role in preventing accidents and injuries. French and European legislation strictly regulates their use, aiming to ensure the safety of workers. Here’s an overview of the main laws and regulations governing PPE and workplace safety.


Legal Framework and PPE Compliance

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European Standards and Directives on PPE

EU Regulations 2016/679 and EU 2016/425 :

These European regulations cover the protection of personal data and the marketing of PPE, respectively. They underline the importance of PPE compliance with European standards.

Directive 2014/34/EU and Directive 82/501/EEC:

These directives establish rules for equipment used in explosive atmospheres and measures to prevent major accidents.


Safety Fundamentals

The legislation surrounding PPE and workplace safety is complex but essential. Compliance with these regulations not only ensures the protection of employees but also that of the company. A thorough understanding of these laws is crucial for any organization concerned with the safety of its personnel.

PPE Training

Training on PPE, especially for preventing falls from height, and certifications such as GWO, HUET, and IRATA, are crucial to ensure the correct use and safety of PPE.

Control Standards

Adhering to control standards ensures that PPE is regularly inspected and maintained in good condition, thus guaranteeing their effectiveness and compliance with safety standards.