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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and SEVESO Zones in France

France, with its dense industrial fabric, attaches crucial importance to worker safety and environmental protection, particularly in SEVESO classified areas. These zones, identified for their potential risk of major industrial accidents, are scattered throughout the country, from Montoir de Bretagne to Strasbourg, passing through cities such as Étang de Berre, Dunkirk, and up to Golfech. At KEEP CONTROL, we aim to highlight the crucial importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the role of the Regional Directorates for Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL) in preventing industrial risks.


PPE at the Core of Prevention in High-Risk Cities

In the French industrial landscape, marked by the notable presence of SEVESO classified zones, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a fundamental role in safeguarding the health and safety of workers. These zones, identified for their high potential risk, demand increased vigilance, particularly in cities such as Fezin, Châteauneuf-les-Martigues, as well as Le Havre and Lillebonne. The adoption of PPE specifically tailored to each risk situation is paramount to prevent accidents and reduce hazardous exposures. These equipments, ranging from helmets to protect against impacts, to safety goggles against chemical splashes, as well as waterproof suits to avoid contact with harmful substances, are essential. They are meticulously selected based on the nature of the risks involved, thus ensuring optimal protection for workers engaged in various industrial operations specific to each concerned locality.

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DREAL Action for Safety and Environment

DREAL supervises the implementation of safety standards in high-risk industrial zones across France, from Saint-Avold to Civaux, including sites like Gravelines and Tricastin. Their mission extends from inspecting facilities to implementing Technological Risk Prevention Plans (PPRT), essential to protect both workers and residents from the consequences of a potential industrial accident.


Geography of Prevention Across France

French cities classified as SEVESO, such as Ambes, Martigues, Mourenx, or Belleville and Chooz, illustrate the geographical diversity of industrial safety issues. The presence of these risk installations in various regions underscores the universality of challenges related to safety and accident prevention. The implementation of appropriate security measures, including the use of PPE and the preparation of local communities, is therefore paramount in each concerned zone.

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Challenges and Solutions for Safety in High-Risk Industrial Zones

Ensuring safety in SEVESO zones, from Port-la-Nouvelle to Chinon, from Saint-Vulbas to Flamanville and Paluel, requires a comprehensive approach. In addition to PPE, training workers on specific risks and developing tailored alert systems and evacuation plans are crucial. These measures, combined with DREAL vigilance, help minimize the potential for major accidents.


A National Commitment to Safety

The presence of SEVESO sites in cities like Penly, Dampierre, Saint Laurent, and Golfech, as well as in many others across France, engages the entire country in a prevention and safety endeavor. Joint efforts of companies, regulatory authorities, and local communities aim to establish a secure working environment and protect the environment. PPE, as individual protective measures, plays an essential role in this endeavor, while collective actions and prevention plans ensure safety at the community and environmental levels.