Keep Control

The 9 Principles of Prevention


Guide for PPE

In an era where workplace safety is paramount, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Equipment or materials subject to Regulatory Control are crucial for minimizing occupational risks.


Avoid Risks Anticipation

Identify and neutralize dangers before they reach employees, forming the first barrier against accidents.


Assess the Risks

If it's impossible to eliminate all risks, their assessment is necessary. Quantify and understand the impact of persistent dangers on workers' health and safety, in order to establish effective protections.


Combat Risks at the Source

Reducing dangers directly at their origin, through adjustments in processes, materials, or working conditions, is the most direct strategy to minimize risks.


Adapt Work to the Individual

Optimizing tasks and work environments according to human capabilities decreases the risk of injuries and boosts productivity, favoring an individual-centered approach.


Take into Account the State of Evolution of Technology

Integrating technological innovations improves workplace safety, adopting the latest and safest practices and equipment.


Replace What is Dangerous

Substituting risky substances and procedures with safer alternatives reduces dangers, encouraging the preference of safer methods for any task.


Plan Prevention

Incorporate risk prevention into every phase, from planning to execution, with safety procedures, employee training, and adequate resources.


Implement Collective Protection Measures

Before resorting to PPE, explore collective protection measures. These measures, such as physical barriers or ventilation systems, benefit all workers and reduce risks at the source.


Provide Appropriate Instructions

Finally, training and informing workers about risks and relevant safety measures are essential. Every employee must understand how to effectively protect themselves against the dangers of their work environment.

By applying these nine principles of prevention, companies can not only comply with regulations but also, and most importantly, protect their employees, their most valuable asset. It’s through a well-planned safety strategy and a strong prevention culture that the ultimate goal can be achieved: zero accidents.

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