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Everything You Need to Know

As controls are carried out, your integrated data is corrected in the mobile application. Your equipment can be declared lost or added if they were not in your original file. When your controls are completed, your equipment list is finally up to date and consistent with the reality in the field.

I want to implement KEEP CONTROL before my MASE certification audit. It takes 15 days from the receipt of your file. Tag shipment is carried out from our stocks, and then we organize remote training with your employees responsible for the use and monitoring of equipment in the field.

Since 2019, we have tested the resistance and reliability of various identification methods for equipment in use (RFID UHF, NFC, QR Code, Datamatrix). Based on your list of equipment or materials, we propose a suitable solution that will last without compromising the compliance of your PPE. Our markings are also available in the form of labels, seals, or hardened tags to withstand shocks or high temperatures.
Activating the camera allows you to read QR Codes or Datamatrix codes. For NFC tags, with an Android or Google phone, you need to activate this feature in the settings and identify the position of the reader on the back of the smartphone. For iPhones, the NFC feature is activated by default. The reader is located near the camera.

That’s perfect because the KEEP CONTROL mobile application works without internet access. You can work safely, access your documents remains available, and your work synchronization is done as soon as the network is reconnected.

The client authorizes access to the content of the markings. It is possible to allow access only to users of the mobile application or, conversely, to provide access to equipment information with a smartphone without the mobile application (read-only). Access without our application is useful for inspection service providers who can consult the equipment history of their interventions, or during a security audit.

No, our KEEP CONTROL software allows traceability to continue with a new marking. All information is then retrieved instantly.

All our clients add additional equipment after starting traceability with KEEP CONTROL. We can manage fire extinguishers, LEL, air conditioners, electrical cabinets, tools, vehicles, etc. We then advise our clients on the marking adapted to their needs.
Our tool is customizable for each client. Currently, KEEP CONTROL is available in English and German.
All data is owned by the client. They are exportable in EXCEL format to exploit them or import them into software. Export of life records is also possible in PDF format to communicate information to inspection bodies or during security audits.
KEEP CONTROL retains the traceability information of life records after the reform or recycling of equipment. Thus, our clients can prove the traceability of compliance of their PPE or equipment subject to inspection in case of engagement of their responsibilities in the event of a workplace accident.

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