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KEEP CONTROL guarantees the safety of your employees and the performance of your equipment.

Discover how our global traceability solution simplifies day-to-day management.

Découvrez comment notre solution globale de traçabilité simplifie cette gestion au quotidien


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Our excellence and expertise have been recognized

International HSE Excellence Award
Refinery Chemical Division

TotalEnergies - Donges
Silver Trophy category
Workplace Protection

Expoprotection - Paris
Innovation Award categorie
Personal Protective Equipment

Préventica - Nantes


Your challenges


3 steps to simplify management


Send us your EXCEL file or an export from your management software with your tracking information.


Receive training and download the KEEP CONTROL mobile application to scan your equipment directly.


Add the KEEP CONTROL NFC tag to give your users and customers access to compliance information.


Our value proposition

To make identification and tracking of all operations in the lifecycle of security equipment and materials simple and reliable, thanks to contactless identification technologies and artificial intelligence, in order to make our customers’ organizations more efficient.

Our CSR commitments

Our mission is to guarantee personal safety through the conformity of PPE and the performance of equipment used in the field every day. We want to change the consumption model for equipment by controlling its lifespan. Let’s work together to develop a culture of safety through access to information for wearers.

Our ambition

To become the European leader in lifecycle management of safety equipment and materials subject to inspection or calibration. Our aim is to support our international customers in meeting their ISO 9001, 45001, 1944-3 and MASE certification requirements.


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The KEEP CONTROL mobile application works without an Internet connection. You can work securely, access to your documents remains available and your work is synchronised as soon as the network is reconnected.

All our customers add extra equipment after starting traceability with KEEP CONTROL. We can manage fire extinguishers, PIRLs, air conditioning systems, electrical cabinets, tools, vehicles, etc. We advise our customers on the marking best suited to their needs.

Since 2019, we have tested the resistance and reliability of the various means of identifying equipment in use (UHF RFID, NFC, QR Code, Datamatrix). Based on your list of equipment or materials, we propose a suitable solution that will last without calling into question the compliance of your PPE. Our markings are also available in the form of labels, seals or tags hardened to withstand shocks or high temperatures.