Keep Control

Use cases for nuclear power plants


Nuclear Safety: How KEEP CONTROL Ensures Compliance and Protection of Workers and the Environment

The nuclear sector, subject to strict safety standards due to radioactive risks, gives top priority to the protection of workers, the environment and the public. Find out how nuclear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) meets strict design, operation and maintenance standards to ensure safety from radiation and other hazards. PPE management and environmental protection in the face of radiation risks are essential.

KEEP CONTROL’s intervention is crucial, prohibiting the allocation of non-compliant PPE, informing those responsible for monitoring PPE and maintaining access to compliance and control reports, even off-line. How do you assess PPE and manage compliance? KEEP CONTROL is the answer. A dedicated PPE management application to simplify monitoring and assessment, ensuring safety while complying with strict standards.


Worker Safety with Category 3 PPE

In the nuclear sector, worker protection is paramount. Category 3 PPE, designed specifically for this sector, plays a vital role in reducing the risks associated with radioactivity. This equipment must not only be of the highest quality, but also in perfect working order. KEEP CONTROL intervenes by ensuring that only compliant PPE is issued to workers. This avoids incidents involving faulty or non-compliant PPE, reducing potential health hazards to employees.


Protecting the working environment against radiation explosion hazards

In addition to the safety of individuals, the preservation of the working environment is just as essential. Radiation explosion hazards are a serious threat, and their prevention is crucial. KEEP CONTROL intervenes by alerting those responsible for the maintenance and control of safety equipment at the right time. Thisproactive management enables potential problems to be detected and resolved before they become critical, minimizing the risk of radiation explosion and preserving the working environment.


Maintaining Access to Compliance and Control Reports

A fundamental aspect of nuclear safety is ensuring that all equipment and procedures comply with established standards.

KEEP CONTROL guarantees access to compliance and inspection reports, even in the absence of an Internet network. This feature ensures total transparency and traceability of control and maintenance actions, which is essential to guarantee continued compliance with strict industry standards.

In the nuclear sector, where safety is of paramount importance, the KEEP CONTROL solution is an essential ally. By preventing the issue of non-compliant PPE, informing the right people at the right time, and guaranteeing access to compliance and inspection reports, it helps protect workers, the environment and the public, while maintaining the highest safety standards.