Keep Control

PPE management in the building industry


PPE and Detection Equipment in Industry

KEEP CONTROL offers an optimum solution for managing and monitoring regulated equipment and PPE in the building industry. In the building and public works (BTP) sector, safety is a constant concern. From the risk of falls to the dangers associated with the use of machinery and exposure to harmful substances, the management of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the periodic general inspection (VGP) of equipment are major challenges. Find out how effective management of PPE and VGP contributes not only to worksite safety, but also to overall performance.


PPE assessment and selection

Managing PPE in the workplace is a complex task that requires careful attention. Every piece of equipment, whether it’s a hard hat, safety shoes, gloves or safety glasses, needs to be carefully selected, according to the specific risks associated with each workstation. But how can PPE in the building industry be evaluated efficiently? The first step is to understand the standards in force, to be aware of the risks inherent in each task, and to consult users on a regular basis to adjust equipment to their real needs.

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PPE management and tracking software for the construction industry

To facilitate this management, the use of PPE management software proves to be a considerable asset. Solutions such as KEEP CONTROL offer intuitive platforms for tracking the condition of equipment, planning checks and replacements, and ensuring complete traceability. These digital tools represent a significant evolution on the traditional Excel PPE management file or Excel PPE tracking table, although the latter remain accessible basic solutions for small businesses.


Periodic General Inspection (VGP)

The periodic general inspection of lifting equipment is another cornerstone of safety in the construction industry. This procedure, which is mandatory for certain types of equipment such as cranes, scaffolding and lifting gear, enables the early detection of faults that could compromise the safety of operators. VGP must be carried out by competent, trained personnel, at a frequency defined by regulations or by the manufacturer.

The management of safety equipment and periodic general inspections (VGP) in the construction industry is essential, going beyond regulatory compliance to significantly reduce risks on worksites.

By ensuring the maintenance and suitability of personal protective equipment (PPE), this approach improves operational efficiency, optimizing work processes.

Rigorous management of PPE and VGP is also valued by insurers, leading to more favorable terms for the company. This highlights the importance of these practices not only for safety, but also for the company’s financial health.

Investing in PPE and VGP management means investing in the sustainability and excellence of construction projects, establishing a safe working environment that promotes efficient project delivery and strengthens the company’s competitiveness.