Keep Control

Our Solution


Long-lasting identification and marking

We offer a complete range of UHF RFID, NFC, 2D code and Iot markers for PPE and equipment management, ensuring exceptional identification longevity, while maintaining strict compliance with manufacturers’ standards:


Use traceability software with expertise in PPE & equipment management

Enhance your image without risking legal liability.

With KEEP CONTROL, reject non-compliant equipment as soon as it is detected, optimizing the management of your company’s PPE and regulated equipment.

Unlike conventional or Excel-based PPE tracking software, the KEEP CONTROL solution manages a list of equipment that reflects reality in the field.

No need to receive an alert to check for lost or stolen equipment, which wastes time. It instantly identifies any discrepancies. In the event of an incident, a rapid solution is deployed, ensuring equipment compliance and calibration.

KEEP CONTROL guarantees flawless PPE safety and tracking, effectively protecting your company and its employees.


Support for data integration

Seamless integration of your data is essential, especially with KEEP CONTROL PPE management software. Our service includes start-up assistance for importing your data in Excel format (or via API connection) into our Saas software. Find out how we ensure the security and efficiency of this process:

Data security

Your data is securely hosted in France by our hosting provider OVH, with back-up and protection reinforced by a cybersecurity charter.

Information transfer

Mass migration of your documents and inspection reports.

Customized configuration

Creation of user profiles for each internal or external participant on your customers' equipment.

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Optimization and monitoring with KEEP CONTROL

We also offer free comprehensive training to help you master our software. What’s more, our technical support is available 24/7 via the mobile app and website. You can also contact us by phone, with precise follow-up thanks to our ticket management system.

Administrators can remotely supervise PPE tracking via web access and a mobile application available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You benefit from seamless, secure access to essential information, even without the mobile app, to view compliance and control reports.

Our KEEP CONTROL system is distinguished by its ability to precisely manage equipment lists, eliminating unnecessary alerts for lost or stolen equipment. This precise management guarantees unprecedented responsiveness, perfectly aligned with real needs in the field, whether you opt for a modern solution or traditional approaches such as Excel spreadsheets for PPE management. Opt for simple, effective PPE and restricted equipment management software.