Keep Control

Use Cases for Petroleum, Gas, Chemical, Oil & Gas Sites


Optimizing Safety in the Petrochemical Industry: The KEEP CONTROL Approach

In the oil, gas, and chemical industry, the management of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in companies, the PPE registry, and the monitoring of PPE are of crucial importance. The utmost priority remains the minimization of fire and explosion risks, which are omnipresent in these demanding environments. This management requires exceptional rigor and precision to ensure compliance of Personal Protective Equipment and materials subject to control, thus guaranteeing the safety of personnel on intervention. During maintenance operations or in response to accidental situations, a rapid, efficient, and perfectly orchestrated intervention is imperative.

This encompasses not only the protection of personnel directly attached to the concerned sites but also that of external service providers called to intervene. The dual requirement of this management lies in the protection of individuals, through the use of Category 3 PPE, and in the protection of the work environment, especially against explosion risks in ATEX atmospheres.


The Innovative Response of KEEP CONTROL

Facing these challenges, KEEP CONTROL establishes itself as an indispensable solution, responding with precision to the safety requirements of the industry. This approach is distinguished by several key actions:

Compliance Response

First and foremost, KEEP CONTROL categorically prohibits the use of non-compliant PPE or equipment, thanks to its dedicated PPE software. This measure ensures that only equipment meeting the strictest standards is in circulation, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Regular Monitoring

Furthermore, the platform ensures that information always reaches the right person at the right time, which is essential for the management of PPE in companies. Whether for maintenance or control of safety equipment, the efficiency of communication is crucial. This reactivity allows for prompt and informed action, contributing to better risk management.

Real-Time Information

Lastly, KEEP CONTROL values field feedback, facilitated by our mobile application and computer software. In case of a problem, the ability to follow this information in real time is critical. It allows not only for rapid intervention but also for adjusting safety procedures based on feedback, thus ensuring continuous improvement of safety practices in PPE management in companies.


A Software Dedicated to PPE & Regulated Equipment

As we have seen, precise incident management, PPE compliance, and efficiency are essential for safety. KEEP CONTROL, with its dedicated PPE software, guarantees the rigorous compliance of equipment, reducing the risk of accidents.

Moreover, its platform facilitates fluid communication for better risk management during maintenance operations and the monitoring of safety equipment.

Real-time field feedback, managed by a PPE management file and a PPE monitoring dashboard, allows for quick intervention in case of problems and for adjusting safety procedures.

KEEP CONTROL marks a turning point in risk management, maintaining high safety standards and promoting continuous improvement of safety practices in these critical industries.